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About Us…

Care Packs For Heroes, Inc. is an organization devoted to assisting deployed military personnel, their family and friends during their time of deployment. It is our mission to bring comfort to both those deployed, and assistance to those at home who support them.
We are much more than a group that sends anonymous Care Packs to the military. CPFH allows friends and family to choose from items the soldier (Hero) has pre-selected, and to send this hero a personalized package. We are bridging the gap for the loved ones at home who are wondering, “What can I do?” or “How can I help?” We also assist the family member that is registering the Hero – we call them the Hero Representative – by relieving them of the financial burden that comes with being the sole sender of care packs to their hero. Sending multiple care packs becomes a shared duty with a simple e-mail to their network of family and friends. CPFH then schedules care packs to be sent throughout their hero’s service abroad.

What we do. . .

We provide online tools for friends and family of deployed military personnel to:
  • Register their hero and create a gift registry for them.
  • Invite friends and family to browse their hero’s registry and make purchases.
  • Personalize their care package contents.
  • Organize and schedule care packs to be sent during the Hero’s entire deployment period.

Who we are…

CPFH was founded by Su DeRego and David Reuss. David’s daughter is a Marine and was deployed. Feeling the need to support her and her unit, David and Su organized the planned shipping of Care Packages throughout her deployment. It was well received, enjoyed, and all involved felt great about helping out!
Su comes from a diverse business background; marketing, food service industry, compliance and the insurance industry with a wide range of strategic positions. David has been primarily involved in information technology, and has a background in various industries including internet, retail, manufacturing, logistics, fulfillment, financial, financial services, telecommunications, real estate, and also health care.
Together, David and Su share a passion for this endeavor. They desire to put forth a positive way for the community to help soldiers and their families. Care Packs For Heroes wants to ease the burden on the families of the Hero by sending support from home, until their Hero can come home.
“ Bye, Mommy. See you in 7 months! ”